Thursday, April 10, 2014

Friday's Photo/Ruth Lois Connor, Medford, Massachusetts

     This little girl is Ruth Connor, the oldest child of William and Elizabeth Connor of Medford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, born in 1893/94. Ruth had two younger brothers, Raymond and Thomas, and in 1900, twins Clarence and Gladys were born. It seems the twins did not survive, they are not shown in the 1910 census.  

     Ruth's parents, William and Elizabeth, were both natives of Massachusetts, and the children of Irish immigrants.  This photo of Ruth was taken in 1900 according to the label on the back, when she would have been six or seven years old.
      It appears Ruth never married, she lived with her parents, supporting herself as a clerical worker in a broker's office. Her father William died before the 1940 census where we see Ruth aged 46, living with her mother Elizabeth and her brother Thomas.

   Looking at the SSDI there are two women by the name of Ruth Connor, one born in 1893 and one in 1894 who died in Massachusetts.  Only one of the two lived in Middlesex County, so I'm leaning towards that one being the correct Ruth, though maybe neither one is her.  The woman from Middlesex county passed away in July of 1981 in Arlington, Massachusetts.

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