Friday, October 30, 2015

Friday's Photo/Isolena Thomas Bigham, Texas

     This week there are two photos taken at different times of the same person.  Isolina Thomas was born in Texas, the daughter of G W Thomas and his wife Mattie, in August of 1875.  Both of her parents were from Arkansas and married young.  Mattie was only 16 when she gave birth to Isolina, and 18 when her son William was born.  Isolina was named for her aunt who can be found living next to her in the 1880 Bell County Texas census.

     Below is a shot of a much younger Isolina:

     In 1895 Isolina married James W. Bigham.  The 1900 census of Bell County shows them with two sons, 2 year old Eric and newborn George. "Lina" and James are buried together in Rogers Cemetery in Bell County.


  1. I ran onto an ancestor this week who had her first child at 16 as well. They grew up so young back then!

  2. Yes they did. I've found the opposite with the Irish ancestors though, quite a few of them were far into their 20's and even some 30's when their first came along.