Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tombstone Tuesday/Marblehead Massachusetts' Miraculous Memorials


Samuel Waldron's stone  1691 from 

      Like the title?  That's called alliteration.

     Now, is it weird that I want to go to Marblehead and visit a cemetery where none of my ancestors rest?  Not a single one? (that I know of) You can tell me, I won't be offended.

     I've been looking around the net for my Galloway ancestors, and the 1790 census shows all the Massachusetts Galloway's, (which is where they claim to be from), in Essex county.  They're mostly residing in Ipswich but one is living in Marblehead.  I came across this cemetery site looking for Marblehead records, http://www.oldburialhill.org/

     This cemetery is amazing, and the imagery on the stones is remarkable.  The site has a section that explains what some of the images on tombstones mean, that and the photographs make it worth a look.  What I'd like to know, is how can a 322 year old tombstone look this good? (see above)  And in coastal New England winters yet?  There are stones in my local graveyards that are illegible after a measly hundred years!  What did they make them out of back then, kyryptonite?

     As fascinating as it was, I didn't have much luck finding any ancestors on the site, though I did find an Abigale Galloway in the Old North Churchyard in Ipswich--hey, isn't that where Paul Revere hung out?  No wait, that was the Old North Church--and it was in Boston...never mind. 

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