Thursday, January 23, 2014

New York Death Records 1957-63 at Family Search

     Somehow I missed this one!  On December 19, 1913, Family Search quietly added this database--
New York State Health Department, Genealogical Research Death Index, 1957-1963!  This data has been available online for awhile at the New York State website, I wrote about it in July, for the details, look here.  Also, Ancestry has added vital record indexes for New York City!  It looks like this is the beginning of the promised partnership bringing the vital records index in it's entirety to Ancestry.

     The Family Search version of the 1957-63 index is a vast improvement over New York's-- those folks at FS know their stuff when it comes to genealogy.  The NYS site forces you to fool around with a "residence code" instead of just telling you where the event took place.  The Family Search site gives you that information up front.  I still can't figure out why NYS went to the trouble of creating and using a code?????  Were they bored that day?  Here's a suggestion, if you're at loose ends New York, try reading your mail and taking less than a year to respond.

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