Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tombstone Tuesday/Crotty & Wallace

     These photos were taken last weekend at St. Patrick's Cemetery in Macedon, NY.  The cemetery is not kept up very well, and peculiar things have been known to go on there.  To read about some odd happenings and view a photo of the cemetery in winter look here . This time I took my husband along.  

     The tombstones shown belong to John Crotty, 1816-1894, who was born in County Waterford and his wife Ellen Mullet.  Next to them is the stone of James Wallace and his wife Mary.  Mary and Ellen were sisters.  You may remember a few days ago I posted a picture of John Crotty's death certificate which showed the informant was James Wallace.

Looking up at the two graves
     John and James were brothers in law and neighbors in life, and even afterwards as we see below.

John and Ellen Crotty's stone
     The tombstone of John Crotty has his wife Ellen's name inscribed on the side, but due to the shadows cast by the trees surrounding the grave and my crummy camera I couldn't get a very clear shot of it.

Ellen's name is barely discernible about halfway down the stone.


  1. I've had the same problem with shadows on stones that were so deteriorated. I've had some luck spraying them with a little water. One stone I went back to take a better photo of was gone when I got back! Gotta get them while you can!


  2. It was gone? Wow, I guess I better get a water bottle and maybe a flashlight and get back there. I don't think the older stones in this cemetery will be around alot longer, tree roots are making a mess, I'm going to post a few pictures of the destruction tomorrow. Thanks for commenting and the water tip.