Thursday, August 22, 2013

Crotty/Connolly Grave Holy Cross Church Tramore, Ireland

     I know it's not Tombstone Tuesday, but I'm too excited about this to wait that long.  Some time ago, I was checking the Grave Memorial Database at the Waterford County Library site, here, and I found an entry for my 4x great uncle David Crotty.

Erected by Nellie Crotty, Cullencastle in memory of her father David died Nov. 1st 1892 aged 70. Her mother Bridget Crotty (nee O' Brien) died Sept. 11th 1878 aged 57, also her children Bridt. Connolly died Apl 15th 1898 aged 21. David Connolly died May 3rd 1907 aged 28. Patrick Connolly died in America
Note : 
21 A 6.
Cross shaped headstone.
Old Cemetery, Holy Cross Church, Tramore

     I've written about David and this great library before, for the back story click here.  Anyway, a few days ago I was looking at the website of Holy Cross Church and saw some photos Father Michael had taken from the church spire, (you know where I'm going with this).  I sent off an email to the church asking if Father could perhaps snap one of my ancestor's grave, and sent the above information so he could easily locate the grave.  This is what I received back:

Crotty Memorial in foreground, with Holy Cross Church

     I wasn't really sure I'd get any response at all, but this is so awesome!  It was so considerate of him to get a long shot showing the church! There were two other pictures of the face of the memorial, but this was the best one.  I'm glad I got the photo now, it looks like the inscription is deteriorating.  I wanted to send a donation to express my gratitude, and as it turns out it's as simple as writing a check which the church can then deposit in their bank account.  Who knew?

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