Monday, July 15, 2013

Some Recommended Websites

     Every morning I grab a cup of coffee and sit down at my computer, and if I'm not working that day it's often quite awhile before I get up again.  I spend so much time online looking for my ancestors and perusing Irish books and history, that I'm always surprised when I come across a website I haven't seen before.  But somehow I overlooked this little gem that contains links to sites containing death records from all over the United States

     Another amusing site is the New York City Photo Archives  This site has late 19th century photos of buildings, waterfronts, people, old neighborhoods and even a photo showing what our ancestor's, "old fashioned closet bowls", (toilets), looked like.

     Library Ireland is what you would expect from a site with this name--books.  Lots and lots of books, all about Ireland, and all readable online.  There are tabs to categories such as history, genealogy, places, people, etc...  There are also articles, photos and paintings.

     This last one is the EPPI site, Enhanced British Parliamentary Papers on Ireland.  To my everlasting sorrow, the early Irish censuses were destroyed during the Irish Civil War, but the statistical data survived.  If you type, 1851 census of Ireland, into the search box, about 7 hits down you will find the census for County Carlow and beneath that, the rest of the counties.  The records are arranged by barony, then civil parish, then townland.  There are no names, but there is data about area, population and residences.  The statistics from pre-famine1841 are also included on the same page, which makes for interesting comparisons to the 1851 data, compiled as the famine was coming to an end.

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