Wednesday, October 30, 2013

More About Milo

Map showing Wolcott, Lyons, Newark and Phelps, NY

     Well...I haven't found anything more that definitively proves that Milo Galloway was the son of  George and brother of George's son Russell Galloway, but on the other hand I've found nothing to disprove a relationship either.  Let's review shall we--
  1. George Galloway was found as a head of household in the 1800 census in Bennington County, Vermont and Milo Galloway was born about 1800 in Vermont
  2. George was in Arcadia, NY in 1840 as was Milo
  3. George was in Phelps, NY in 1850, Milo was still in Arcadia, (not far from Phelps) but I did find a news article stating Milo owned land in Phelps
  4. This is a new bit of information--in 1832 there was an unclaimed letter at the Newark, NY post office for Milo Galloway (Newark is in the township of Arcadia), at the same time and same post office there was an unclaimed letter for (drum-roll) Russell Galloway!
  5. This is also new, in researching land records I find in 1856 Arcadia--Milo selling land to a George R. Galloway of Detroit, right next to a lot owned by (another drum-roll) Russell!
     I know this is all circumstantial evidence, but you have to admit  it keeps adding up.  My working theory is this--George left Massachusetts, where he told the 1850 census taker he was born, and moved to Vermont with his wife. There Milo was born circa 1800.  The family then moved to Brownsville in Jefferson County New York where we see them in the 1810 census.  It is here that Russell was born about 1807.

     George ran into some financial difficulty in Brownsville and left town, heading south to Wayne County where we find him in Lyons in 1820, now with a third son.  I can't locate George in 1830, but Milo is at that point in the town of Arcadia, which was part of Lyons until it was taken off  in 1825.  I found no land records for George, but finding Russell and Milo in the same town is very encouraging.

     In 1840 George reappears in Arcadia as does Milo.  Russell is about 24 miles away in Wolcott, but by 1850 he is in Phelps as is his father George.  Milo is still in Arcadia, a little over 10 miles away.  I don't think I'd bet the mortgage that Russell and Milo absolutely were brothers, but I believe they were.  Now where is that other Galloway brother???? Could he be in Detroit?

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