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Church Record Sunday/Confirmations 1871 St. Felix Clifton Springs, NY

      This is a list of confirmations that took place in 1871 in Clifton Springs, NY.  My two O'Hora aunts and an uncle, the three oldest children of my 2nd great-grandfather James and his wife Maria McGarr, have an X by their names.  They were 14, 16 and 17 years old, I would think most of the children shown here were in the same age group.  

     The Kinsella children in brackets were their cousins, and were aged 13 and 15.  Maria's sister Bridget McGarr was their mother, and Martin Kinsella their father.

June (?) 9th
Robert Farrell
Agnes Moon
Mary J. O'Brien
Edward Dalton
John O'Brien
Mary Baily
Rose Baily

June 11th The following named children were confirmed by Right Reverend Bishop McQuaid on this day at Clifton
Ann O'Hora   X
Mary Rine?
Mary Farell
Mary O'Hora  X
Edward Deveraux
Edward Benham
Mary Ann Kinsalo [Kinsella]
Wm Boyle
Esther Kinsalo [Kinsella]
Mary Curran
Michael Driscoll
James Cross
Robert Murray
Lizzy Benham
Mary Donovan
Richard Deveraux
Julia A. Curran
Stephan? O'Brien
Michael Riley
John Cross
Thomas Curran
William Nary
James O' Farrell
William M Connell
James O'Hora  X

Mary Green
Abraham Hawkins
John O'Brien
Bridget Flanigan
Ellen O'Neil
Mary O'Neil
Mary MGrath
Cathleen Kennedy
Martin Moon
Edmond Tobin
Margaret Daily
Francis Fisher
Mary Keyes
Rose Baily
Mary Baily
Mary E. Dalton
Margaret Barry
Mary Driscoll
James Brophy

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