Thursday, February 2, 2017

Friday's Photo/ Edna Steinfurth of Erie PA

     Meet Edna L. Steinfurth, born 12 September of 1899 in Erie, Pennsylvania to Henry Steinfurth, the son of German immigrants and his wife Augusta, a native of Germany.  Edna grew up in Erie with an older brother Arthur and three younger siblings, Irene, Walter and Beatrice.

      I love these old full length photos.  This one must have been taken around 1910 give or take a few years and shows not only the clothing, but the footwear a young girl of the era would have worn.

     I'm unable to find a record of a first marriage for Edna, but there is a death certificate for a child who appears to be her daughter--

    I found Carl Simonsen, the father in the certificate, in later censuses with a wife named Hannah, so he and Edna must have divorced.   Edna later married George Swanson and eventually moved to New York State, first to Jamestown and by 1940 to Buffalo, New York.  Edna passed away 14 October 1989 at the age of 90.  She and her husband George, who died in 1966 are buried together in Erie Cemetery in Erie, Pennsylvania.



  1. I love old photos too - lucky you!

  2. Especially when they have a name written on the back!