Thursday, April 21, 2016

Friday's Photo/ Davis Sisters of Kiowa County

     Meet, from left to right, Bertha Davis aged 20, Iva Davis aged 13 and Cora Davis aged 17 in 1913.   Being only 13 years old, Iva got away with wearing short skirts. 
     The girls were born in Kiowa County Kansas to Elmer and Etta May Cox Davis.  There were younger children not pictured-- Elmer, Elvin, Chester and Silver.  Note the windmill over Bertha's shoulder-- the Davis's were rural folks, Elmer supported his large family by farming.
     On the front of this photo is written, "Three sisters 1913"  and on the back--"Bertha and Cora wore these black taffeta skirts to our father's funeral.  Mine was black too."  I think Iva probably wrote this though I'm not sure why there are two different dates on the picture.  Apparently it was taken three years after the funeral.  The girl's father did die in 1910, and the ages as written are correct for that year according to the 1910 census of Lincoln Township. 


  1. Just a thought, but what if the sisters first wore those black skirts for their father's funeral in 1910 (with no picture to record them in those clothes) and then wore them again in 1913 when the photo was taken?

    1. That could be Yvonne. Maybe these were the nicest clothes they owned and they wore them to have the photo made.