Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday's Photo/Phil Power & Lawrence Warner Manchester, NY

     This photograph was found stuffed in the back of a drawer at my father's house.  I never expected to find as many ancestor's pictures there as I have, since the house is a 50's ranch with no attic, but they keep turning up every now and then.  Lawrence Warner on the right was my grandfather and Philip Power, holding the shovel, was his uncle, the brother of his mother who passed when he was only 18 months old.  Both were employed by the Lehigh Valley RR.  Lawrence as an engineer, and Phil in the roundhouse.

     Philip Power's father Philip Sr., was from Tramore Parish in Waterford and his mother Mary Gunn was from Listowel Parish in Kerry.  They met and married in this country.  Grandpa Lawrence's  mother Maggie was their firstborn, in 1883.  When I was small Grandma Warner used to tell me about meeting Grandpa's grandparents and their lovely Irish brogues.  I often wish I could have heard it too.

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