Thursday, April 30, 2015

The NLI Sets A Date!


      Notice to friends and family-- if you are planning any reunions, weddings, parties or other soirees this summer, they must be completed before Monday, July the sixth.  I will be unavailable after that date and for the foreseeable weeks months afterwards.  The National Library of Ireland has finally announced that the digital images of nearly 400,000 pages of Catholic parish registers will go online July 8, 2015!  This is such wonderful news, I'm downright giddy.

     If you'd care to read more about the launch, check this article in the Clare Champion Catholic Parish Records Online.  There won't be an index or transcriptions of the images, but this is gift enough.  And why must all social obligations to cease by the sixth?  So I can rest my eyes for the marathon computer screen viewing and formulate the best plan of examining the records of course...

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