Thursday, July 3, 2014

Friday's Photo/Tis Milo Himself!

Milo Galloway 1800-1857

     I found this photo in the files of the Wayne County Historian in Lyons, New York.  Since Milo died at age 57, I think this must have been taken not too long before his death.  An out of state descendant of Milo's who wrote to the historian seeking information about him sent this photo and some research notes along with his request.  The notes were rather old and so was the researcher apparently, I looked for him online and found he died ten years ago at age 90.  I learned nothing new from his notes, in fact some of the data was wrong, but finding this image of Milo was worth the drive to Lyons.  It's not the best picture in the world, just copied onto regular paper, but I was excited to find it, and it gives a good view of what Milo looked like.

     I've always suspected the Galloways were dark complected with dark hair and eyes.  Old military records describe them as such, and my Mother, who is my Galloway connection, had the same coloring; the opposite of my light Irish hair and skin that comes from my Father's side.

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