Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tombstone Tuesday/Morgan and Lydia Brown Lash

Lash monument, Glenside Cemetery, Wolcott, NY

      Morgan Lash, my third great grandfather, was born March 15, 1823.  His parents Henry Lash and Sally Fiddler/Fiedler, were both born in the town of Northeast in Dutchess County, New York, as was Morgan.  Sally's parents were  German immigrant Johan Fiedler, and his wife Elizabeth.  Henry's were George Lash and Elizabeth Schuck, who may have been German immigrants also.
     The families moved westwards through New York State and on New Year's Day of 1843 Morgan married Lydia Brown, the daughter of Benjamin Brown and Anna Wood,  in Wayne County, New York.  The rest of Morgan's family continued their westward trek and all of them excepting Morgan wound up in Genesee County, Michigan.  Morgan and Lydia remained in Wayne County, in the town of Wolcott where they raised a family of eight children.  Their fourth son, Irving Peter was my great grandfather.

    This is Morgan's obituary:
Clyde Times, December 12, 1895
Wolcott:  On Friday December 6, occurred the death of Morgan Lash at his residence, one mile north of this town, of blood poisoning.  When a mere lad, Mr. Lash had the misfortune to severely bruise one of his minor toes.  The member was so severely bruised, that gangrene occurred and amputation became necessary, but to all appearances, it healed and became cured, and he experienced no trouble from it in later life.  Recently however, as old age crept on, he suffered great pain in his foot and alarming symptoms developed which medical aid failed to arrest.  Mr. Lash was 72 years of age.  Seven children, five sons and two daughters, and an invalid widow survive him.


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