Friday, May 10, 2013

Funeral Card Friday / US Sailor John Francis Hudson

       I found this card in my Grandmother's Bible after she passed away in 1987.

 John Francis Hudson, born to Milton Hudson and his wife Mary Manion in 1935, lived next door to my Grandparents in Manchester, New York.  He and my Dad were 4 years apart in age, and like my Dad, John joined the US Navy right after high school.
     April 10th of 1963 found John part of a 29 man crew, deep dive testing the nuclear sub Thresher off the coast of Cape Cod.  The sub never resurfaced, later its remains were found strewn over the ocean bottom.  The name Thresher was never reused and the sub was never decommissioned, they remain on "Eternal Patrol".


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  2. Well said, thanks for stopping by and commenting.