Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wordy Wednesday/Learn Some Gaelic Already

   While thumbing through my copy of the weekly newspaper, "The Irish Echo", I came upon a thank you notice placed by a bereaved family.  Across the bottom they had typed, “Go Ribih Mile, Mile Maite Aguth”.  Look at this I called to my husband, I can read this, I know what this says.  It’s Gaelic for thank you very, very much, or literally a thousand, thousand good things on you.  I am reading Gaelic!  I must say he wasn’t very impressed.

     I was pretty happy with myself though.  I think everyone should learn a few words and phrases in their ancestor’s language, so I’ve been studying Gaelic for awhile now.  I’m nowhere near proficient, but I do know a bit more about the language of my forbears and that was the point.  I have some CD's I listen to when the whim strikes and I get my daily word from this site--

     Every day I get a new Irish word with a link to hear it properly pronounced by a native Gaelic speaker, and used by that speaker in a sentence.  They have other languages available also and it’s a fun painless way to learn, not to mention to hear what conversations in Ireland must have sounded like Fado, fado. (Long, long ago)


  1. Well, I am impressed! :) Very cool idea. Perhaps I will try it too.

  2. Hi Alice, glad someone is impressed (smile). You should give it a try, you too can impress your friends and neighbors!