Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tuesday's Tip/Don't Lose Those Maybes


      I sometimes tend to be slightly disorganized.  And frankly, my short term memory is nothing to boast about, so I tend to misplace things...and people.  Occasionally I come across an individual in church records or a census and think, this person could very well be a sister or brother, parent, cousin--somehow related to an ancestor I'm researching.  So what do I do?  I begin researching this new person to see if I can find a connection of course, all the while scribbling notes hopefully in a notebook, but often as not it's on a piece of scrap paper because I'm not sure this person is even  a family member and then I promptly loose said piece of paper or forget which notebook my notes are in.  Even if I place my notes in a word document I am perfectly capable of misplacing the file,  though I'm getting much better at using consistent labeling.

     Having tired of this, I now enter the person of interest where I think they may fit in my family tree using my genealogy software.  I make a note that this is an unproven relationship, and insert my notes.  Sometimes I even make the person's middle name "Maybe" just to amuse myself.  This accomplishes two things, when I want to resume my research on this person the notes are at my fingertips, and it also serves to remind me, (because of that short term memory thing),
there is a possible relative out there I need to keep in mind. 

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