Monday, June 16, 2014

Time Runs On


     When I was a wee girl, my favorite book was "Alice In Wonderland" and it's sister story, "Through The Looking Glass".  I never tired of hearing about Alice, her kitten Dinah and the White Rabbit, though that Cheshire Cat freaked me out a little.  I pulled my old copies out yesterday and was thumbing through them when I noticed that parts of the prologue to "Through The Looking Glass" could easily be applied to family history.  Being of Irish descent, I love verse, and wanted to share this:

A tale begun in other days;
When summer suns were glowing--
A simple chime, that served in time
The rhythm of our rowing--
Whose echoes live in memory yet,
Though envious years would say "forget".

And though the shadow of a sigh
May tremble through the story,
For "happy summer days" gone by,
And vanish'd summer glory--
It shall not touch with breath of bale,
The pleasance of our fairy family tale.

     Apologies to Lewis Carroll for liberties in the last sentence, and W. B. Yeats for using his line for a title .

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