Saturday, January 4, 2014

Where the Heck is the Rest of Ricketstown?

Part of Ricketstown?????

      I've been trying to learn more about my O'Hora/O'Hore/Hore/Hoar relatives in County Carlow.  I'm pretty confident they lived in Ricketstown near Rathvilly since Ricketstown is the address on each of their children's baptism records.  They don't appear in the Valuation, but most of them were in America by the time that was done so I really wasn't surprised not to find them.  They don't show up in the Tithe Applotments either to my chagrin, except for a John Hore.  He could be my guy, I'm just not sure, and I thought there would be more of them.

     Another annoyance, the heading on the Tithe page reads, "Part of Ricketstown".  So where is the rest of Ricketstown?  It's not in the Rahill Parish book with part one, it's not in the Kineagh Parish book nor in Rathvilly Parish book either.  There's really nowhere else it could logically be than one of those three.  The page isn't missing from the Rahill book, look below and you can see the totals for the parish and only "Part of Ricketstown" is included on line 3.  No mention is made of the remaining part of Ricketstown so it must be in another parish.

     When I checked Kineagh Parish right next door, it does mention, "the lands of Rickettestown", but there is no list of inhabitants for that place in this book either.  I know Ricketstown was sometimes called Bettyfield, but could find no entries for that place.  The indexing for this project however, leaves alot to be desired. When I searched for the townland of Ballyraggan, home to my McGarrs,  nothing came up, even when I used the spelling the Tithe Commissioners used--"Ballyraggon", until I added County Longford to the search terms--which of course is wrong too, Ballyraggan is in Kildare.  Perhaps the missing part of Ricketstown is there somewhere placed in the wrong county, or maybe the remaining part of the townland actually was in Kineagh Parish but was nontaxable grazing land. Ah the joys of Irish research!

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